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Machinery Used For Steel Production

equipmentMachinery used at Slay Steel includes computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment consisting of a Controlled Automation 120 Ton Automated Beamline, a Controlled Automation Anglematic, a Controlled punch plateAutomation 175 ton Plate Punch, and a MG Burning Table.  Cutting is done using two HE&M WF Band Saws.  Additional machinery in our shop includes a Pangborn Shot Blast Cleaning System, equipmenttwo Piranha Ironworkers consisting of a P-4 with 75 ton capacity and a P II with 120 ton capacity, a 3/8 x 12’ Steelweld Plate Shear, three DoAll Cold Cut Saws, two Peddinghaus 100 ton Hanging Punches, numerous other cold cut saws, presshears, ironworkers, and track torches. 

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Material Handling Equipment

equipmentMaterial handled at Slay Steel is maneuvered with the following equipment: a 20 ton Galion Yard Crane, a 15 ton Pettibone Yard Crane, and a 20,000 lb. Taylor Lift.  equipmentInside cranes include a total of 11 with five in Bay 3 consisting of two 7 ½ ton capacity and three 5 ton capacity with each having a bridge span and runway length of 60’ X 700.  Bay 2 contains three 5 ton capacity cranes with each having a bridge span and runway length of 60’ X 340.  In Bay 1 there are two 5 ton capacity cranes each having a bridge span and runway length of 50’ X 300.  Then in the Material Handling Bay there is one 6 ton overhead bridge crane having a runway length of 200 feet.